St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School Ashfield encourages students to be actively involved in a wide variety of decisions and leadership roles within the school environment.

Students in Year 2 to 6 have many leadership positions available to them in a wide range of areas. Student life at St Vincent’s gives students the opportunity, not only to extend their learning, but also to develop their leadership skills. The Student Representative Council is elected by students and provides a voice for solving issues, promoting initiatives and contributing to school-based decision-making. 

The Year 6 Enviro-Team is dedicated to promoting schoolwide environmentally friendly action. Mini Vinnies students are dedicated to promoting social justice in the school community. These are some of the opportunities that students are able to undertake in their time at St Vincent’s. 

Student voice is critical to the class and school environment. Our teachers are always looking for both direct and indirect student feedback about the effectiveness of classroom activities. Teachers strive to respond to this voice with differentiated learning programs and behaviour management.

St Vincent's Catholic Primary School Ashfield Student Voice